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Charity Partner



Corporate Social Responsibility is a matter we take very seriously at TRITON and part of our MISSION & POLICY.

Through the World Series, we contact thousands of athletes, family members, friends and corporate partners that puts us in a unique privileged position to capitalize on this tremendous potential proximity to make a difference.

LOFF , TRITON official non-profitable charity partner’s name, means, Leave Only Friends and Footprints. . One of LOFF’s project is directly connected to its name and it relates to the environment and our impact in it, and this is the project TRITON Portimão is tackling on this first edition.


There is less than 2% of drinkable water on our planet. Some tribes in Africa already must walk more than three miles, daily, to find drinkable water. It’s on us to change behaviours and make a difference.

An average runner generates a trash of up to 3 to 4 bottles or cups of single use plastics, per hour of competition, and about 750 ml to 1.0 litters of water per hour. Large events, with thousands of participants, are wasting thousands of litters of water and are generating trash of hundreds of thousands of plastic containers, per event.

We see our roll in doing the best we can to saving water and promoting drinking tap-water, eliminating, or reducing as much as possible one-use plastic containers, and assist in educating and motivating people, by giving the example, to take the right actions by applying these principles and measures, helping us making a difference.

On a foot race, an average stop to hydrate, for an average person will take no more than 5 seconds. On average, on a half marathon distance race, a participant will waste no more than a minute to hydrate if they stop 10 to 12 times (the number of times they usually hydrate during the race). An amazing trade off outcome for the 10 to 12 bottles or cups of trash usually generate by participant. It takes 5 seconds to make a huge difference!





At TRITON Portimão, when you pick up your race kit you will receive to silicone cups you must carry with you on the run, make sure you get them.
These cups will be used for your cooling down using tap water we have for you (not for drinking).


during the swim

During the swim for those doing more than one lap and hydrating, we will have silicone cups with water in it, these will be re-used for the run course and then given away for you to use in every day situations. We will also feature a special fountain by our partner EMARP for you feel the cups and help yourself as much as you want of fresh drinkable tap water.


leave nothing but footprints

During the run we will have tap water for you to cool down yourself with special set-up stations sponsored by our partner EMARP and you will have, still, some one-use plastics bottles for drinking. Please remember these must be disposed at the appropriated assigned and marked locations or you face disqualification.


our water fountain

Check out the water fountain set-up by our partner EMARP that will be stationed at the swim course and at the start / finish-line of the run course. Make use of your silicone cups at these points to help us reduced the impact on one usage plastics, on the environment.


What do you get back?

The Proud Feeling

The biggest reward is on our view the amazing proud feeling and respect from your friends and family members!

The Award

The leave nothing but friends and footprints

10% Discount

A code with 10% discount for signing up for the following year