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Locations Opportunities

TRITON World Series Portimão – Algarve is a singular event when it comes to competition locations and spectator opportunities. Just by watching the race, you will get to know a good part of the Region

The swim, bike and run take place in different locations, making it an opportunity to enjoy different sites along with the athletes.

You have the option to use optional transfers or rent a car with our official rent a car and take it on your own to follow the athletes and race. Maps to best location to watch all races and parking will be available soon as well as traffic recommendations you will need to know.

Portimão - Algarve


TRITON World Series Portimão – Algarve has a very special Race Village Venue, focused on athletes having a constant meeting point with all the best amenities, entertainment and vacations/relaxation feel like non-other, ideal to take your family with you, or for a quick escape and rest time for yourself and your most significant another half.

It is located inside the new and amazing Pestana Blue Alvor Resort that is simultaneously the location for the race office, expo and less than 1 km to the swim venue.  It is located in the beautiful Alvor, in Portimão.

We strongly recommend staying at the Resort, we have fantastic packages for you.

Praia Três Irmãos – Caniço


The beach of Três Irmãos is located at the eastern end of a huge stretch of sand that makes up Alvor beach. This end of the beach is home to some fantastical rock formations and it is from some of these that the beach gets its name. Translated, “Três Irmãos” means “three brothers” and this refers to three sea stacks that run across the beach.

Various other wind and wave-worn rocky outcrops divide the beach here into further little sandy bays each with their own rock arches, caves and sea stacks. One of these bays is a beach in its own right – Prainha, meaning “little beach” is where the swim start and finish take place.

Prainha (see more about Prainha HERE) is a small, shell-shaped beach framed by scenic rock formations that are deeply eroded due to the action of both fresh and saltwater. Other beaches follow on from Prainha in an easterly direction, some accessible only at low tide, and you will see plenty of the typical features of these cliffs: arches, caves, rocky ledges and sinkholes.

You are advised to be cautious when exploring the nooks and crannies among the rock formations since falling stones are common. These same rocks shelter a wealth of colourful underwater marine life, and these bays are excellent spots for diving. Prainha is also known as Praia do Caniço (visit website HERE), an amazing restaurant with a fantastic atmosphere and some of the best sunsets you will ever experience.

Portimão Race track - Foia


What about starting and finishing the bike at a race track, well that is exactly what you will be experiencing.

Situated in Portimão, in the civil parish of Mexilhoeira Grande, in the picturesque Sitio do Escampadinho, and surrounded by rich landscapes, this is one of the most modern, multi-use circuits in Europe with some 64 different track configurations, including Formula 1, (approved by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile – FIA) and Superbikes (with the seal of approval from the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme – FIM).

The Algarve has a pleasant, inviting climate throughout the year, making this complex an ideal location for business incentive activities, but also for presentations to the media and concessionaries by car, motorbike and tyre manufacturers, to name but a few.

But this is not all, will also climb the Foia, the highest point of the Algarve at 902m that crosses typical landscapes of the Monchique Mountains, Mediterranean and Atlantic influences mix in this igneous mass of syenite, resulting in a mild and hyper-humid environment, favourable to the occurrence of rare and exclusive plants.

In Fóia, the horizon opens in all directions, affording unimpeded views towards the Vicentine Coast, the mountains to the north, and the series of hills and valleys sloping down towards the southern coast. The view extends along the coast to the estuary of the Arade, to the east, and Ponta da Piedade, to the west. In this stony environment, among the small shrubs, you can observe some small passerines, such as the common whitethroat, the common linnet or the rock bunting.

Portimão Village


The best for last? You’ll be the judge of that. The run starts and finishes at the Village of Portimão Marina, a place very spectator friendly and sure to have lots of people cheering you on all the way from start to finish.

The run course will take you over the “passadiços” (wooden walkways) of Praia da Rocha, the huge beach stretching for over a kilometre and sheltered by attractive, craggy cliffs in warm colours is the reason why Rocha Beach is one of the best-known beaches in Portugal and a top choice among summer holidaymakers. Practically the whole beach is crisscrossed by walkways, alongside which there are many different support infrastructures for beachgoers, including a sports area.

Upon the seafront avenue, there is a succession of hotels, bars, open-air cafés discos and a casino, all eventually leading up to Portimão Marina and providing an array of tourist activities that bring added colour and complement the entertainment on the beach.

But it doesn’t end there the run will take you past, Três Castelos to the west all the way to Praia da Vau, running over the cliffs and past Santa Catarina Fortress at the entrance to the harbour on the River Arade. Both afford fabulous panoramic views over the coastline between Ponta João d’Arens and Ponta do Altar.