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The Rankings are meant to provide athletes with a way to measure race performance against other competitors and ultimately decide who are the TRITON WS TOP 50 ATHLETES.

Athletes can download their ranking certificate and see where they rank overall and within their age group or division (pro, corporate and relay) in the following categories: Pro division, Age Group (all age-groups male and female), Corporate Division and Relay Division for all 3 distances, Full, Half and Olympic.

Rankings are updated at the end of each race. A final result for the race calendar year is posted in the month of December and / or just after the last race of the calendar year.

The TOP 50 athletes racing BIB NUMBER will also reflect their ranking in the following calendar year.

If they don’t participate in any race, that number will not be used, it is theirs for the following season on any race of the series.

The athlete that lead the ranking the previous year, with the most points, will hold BIB NUMBER: 1, the last in the top 50 will hold the BIB NUMBER: 50.

What’s in it for you?

  • Bragging rights
  • Downloadable diploma
  • Exclusive top 50 race bib number for following season
  • Top 50 customized racing kit

Points are awarded as follows: 1st place will be awarded a number of points equal to the number of finishers in the race and category in question (X); 2nd place gets (X-1) points; 3rd place gets (X-2) points, and so on until the last placed finisher, which will get one point.

Points from all TRITON WS races are added for a end of year ranking.

Tiebreaker rules in case of a tie are as follows:

  • 1st – the athlete with the lowest number of races
  • 2nd – the athlete with the most points on a single race
  • 3rd – the athlete best placed on the last event either of them entered